Wednesday, May 16, 2018



Another week of work placement finished, mostly spend on getting ready for Library Week next week - biggest week of the year! I've been part of the preparations for "Blind Date with a Book", creating a quiz, a lolly jar where you guess how many are in it, making a slideshow, Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, and of course the National Simultaneous Storytime reading and activities which I am pretty much doing by myself.

Even more "by myself" than I had realised. Out of the four people I have been working with at the library, zero will actually be there on that morning! Working the late shift that day, or in the other library branch or whatever. All away. I have no idea if the head librarian will be there or not - she wasn't in today - I've barely met her. I guess the other two staff I haven't met yet will be rotating into my library next week. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing (reading to 20 children and leading them in a couple of activities, with the help of some childcare workers) and it would have been nice to have moral support from someone I've actually met!

Here's a couple of pictures of me dressed for work. Looking sharp.

And here is the clock poster I made to do a warmup activity with the kids (I'm going to get them to put their arms in the shape of the movable clock arms). The cat and mouse are printed from the cover of the book I'm reading "Hickory Dickory Dash" but the rest is my own work: I drew it, brought it home and painted it. Considering I have zero artistic ability, I'm pretty proud of it.

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