Monday, May 14, 2018

Set weight


Not surprising after a weekend celebrating with food, today I was back up to 71.1 kg. That really seems to be my new set weight, I’ve been that exact number four out of the past five weeks! I feel ok at this weight, but would prefer to be losing, especially since I’m still taking Duromine. My dry mouth side effect has been worse the past couple of weeks, I want something in return for putting up with that!

The head librarian who is my official supervisor at my work placement was back from holidays today, so I got to meet her and she seemed nice. But after our chat I didn’t really speak to her again, maybe because she was catching up with emails etc and settling back in after several weeks off. My day went on as usual. Some cataloguing, shelving a few books, and preparing for Library Week next week. Then home for late lunch, writing up my notes, taxi service for after-school activities, making dinner, now relaxing in front of the TV. Until it’s time to chivvy the kids into bed.


  1. What is Duromine? Does it have a generic name? I took meds at one time to help me lose weight. All they did was make me nervous.


    1. It's phentermine. There was controversy about it when it was combined with another drug fen-phen but is allowed (by itself, not in combination) in Australia on prescription at the moment. Side effects vary person to person and anxiety can be one. I only get dry mouth and sometimes nausea. I've gone on and off several times over the past year and results have varied. Usually the first month is the most effective for me then I guess my body gets used to it.

    2. I think that's one of the meds I took.