Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Your Majesty


It is a public holiday here today to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. As far as I know, no one actually does anything remotely to do with Her Majesty's birthday. It's just a day off.

My weight is back up to 71.4 kg, where it was two weeks ago. I lost and then regained nearly 2 kg over the past two weeks. I've been eating really badly this past week. Stress, cold weather, no vitamin D from sunlight, no exercise, getting over the flu, I don't know. I've been feeling a bit sad too. Yesterday was like having PMS, except it was the wrong time of the month. I started the day by crying over a couple of news articles (a father with mental health issues killed his son, and a tourist lost for five days in the bush was found unharmed). And I continued crying on and off for no particular reason throughout the morning. While trying to hide the fact from the kids.

We had people over as usual for Sunday afternoon and dinner. It sucked. They were supposed to come at 4pm for board games, but they dribbled in between 4 and 7, and some had to leave again before dinner, or leave and come back later, so we never really got any games going. Just sat around waiting for people, or starting games which were interrupted by people having to go. Then the five year old cried all through dinner because the four year old sat in the only pink chair. Which shouldn't have been at the dinner table in the first place, and got milk spilled all over it and it is fabric and will probably start to stink pretty soon. If we had any sunlight I'd wash it and leave it out to dry but as it is it would just go mouldy. It probably will anyway. Mouldy and stinky. I was not having a happy day.

Today was much better. No rain, so we got out for a walk in the morning and a bit of slightly damp gardening in the afternoon. A hint of sunlight was worth the itchy reaction I seem to have developed to one particular plant.

I'm having a (hopefully minor) drama about the job interview; when they called I'm sure they said Wednesday the 13th and I wrote all the details down and confirmed the date at the end. I was thinking it was particularly convenient because I don't work that day. But they sent a follow-up email saying it was on Thursday the 14th! Now I'm not sure which is right. And it was too late to call when I saw it, and it's a long weekend. I'll call tomorrow morning. It shouldn't be a problem if I have to swap my work day, but it makes me look incompetent if I got the day wrong and have to check (less incompetent if their email is wrong!)

Oh well, I'll sort it out. Here's hoping for a better week.

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