Monday, June 18, 2018

Home and final assessment


A couple of important things happened today. Firstly, Tim came home after nearly three weeks in the US for a work trip! I didn’t mention it while he was away because I don’t like to advertise when I’m alone in the house. He was in Washington DC and Virginia. I misread his itinerary and thought he would be home in the afternoon, and was still asleep when there was a knock on the door this morning. Luckily he wasn’t expecting me to pick him up at the airport! He seems to have been most impressed by seeing squirrels cutely running around, something his US associates laughed at him about.

The other thing was I had my final assessment for my Diploma of Library and Information Services. My supervising teacher Julie came to my library and had a chat with my workplace supervisor Lyn, with me there, and they both said lovely things about me and also said they would give my contact details to someone they know needing a Library Technician for some casual work. Then I demonstrated my chosen task, cataloguing, to Julie and gave her a tour of the library to show I knew where everything was. It all went really well and I’ve seen the feedback they both wrote about me. In the past couple of days I’ve also got results for two assignments, so I’m just waiting on results on the last two. And I’m working two more days, but no pressure! I wanted to finish out the week to learn as much as possible.

My weight this morning was 70.6kg, down 0.8 from last week, so that is also good.

A couple of bad-ish but kind of funny things happened as well. When I first got to work I went to the staff bathroom. As soon as I sat down the whole toilet seat slid sideways, broken off from the base. My hands flailed wildly and I saved myself from falling onto the floor but have a bruise where my arm met the metal toilet paper dispenser. Not the best start to the day.

Usually I have two cups of tea a day, one with breakfast and one at lunch or in the afternoon. I don’t drink coffee or cola so I’m not used to a lot of caffeine at once. Today I’d had a cup of tea with breakfast but had another one when I got to work to warm up and to recover from the toilet incident. I’d just finished that when Julie arrived. Lyn got out a fancy tea set and biscuits and I felt like it was the polite thing to share a cup (and a biscuit) that I didn’t want at all. Three cups of tea in an hour certainly kept me alert, but I spent most of my assessment needing to pee.

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