Thursday, June 14, 2018

Smooth interview


I had my interview today. It went really well, and they gave me very positive feedback. I was poised, confident, and had lots to say about every question. The actual job coming up in September doesn't really suit me: it is at the furthest location of the cluster of libraries and it's full-time with a compulsory evening shift one day a week. But they are creating an order of merit list for future positions and the interviewer who manages one of the closest libraries said they'll have some soon and thought they could be more accommodating with part time hours there. So something may come up. I also mentioned that I will be more flexible from next February, for instance being able to start earlier, because both my children will be at the same school instead of my son starting an hour later than my daughter.

The campus they interviewed at (not where either of the jobs will be) was lovely, lots of green space and the library was so warm and cosy!

Someone I knew from TAFE was there for the interview slot after me, she graduated at the end of last year and this is the first time she's been offered an interview in six months. I hope that doesn't reflect a lack of jobs. I haven't seen many since I started looking. She was very nervous about the interview. I thought she was doing well in class, so there might be fierce competition for positions.

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