Thursday, June 28, 2018



I put that job application in, and now I'm trying not to stress about it too much. I really hope I get an interview.

I saw my doctor this morning. My blood pressure is not too bad 130/something (still not ideal, but lower than it was) so I got another script for Duromine (phentermine). But I've been plateauing at around 71.1 kg for about 10 weeks now, so we talked about some strategies to get the weight loss started again. Like reducing snack portion size, and walking with weights. I've never tried that, I feel it might be a bit annoying to carry weights, arms swinging, while trying to enjoy a walk. But I'll give it a go. My main issues are that the food portion sizes and eating when I'm not hungry have crept in again.

Another thing I've never tried before - today I got laser hair removal on my underarms. The first of 8-10 monthly sessions, assuming I don't react badly. It hurt much less than waxing! Little hot jabs as each hair was vaporised. Very quick, she just ran the thing back and forth over my skin - didn't need to do individual hairs like I was expecting. It's a small area so it's ideal to try it out. Imagine having smooth armpits forever! It's around the same price per session, but after the full course I should never need it again so it works out much cheaper really.


  1. If I walked with weights, I'd probably drop them on my toes.


    1. Yes I still haven't tried it yet! I think it will make my hands get all sweaty.