Sunday, June 17, 2018

Only models


I’ve been binge-watching old seasons of Project Runway. In one episode they had to design resort-wear, and the host said something like this to the eliminated contestant: ‘You mentioned that your grandmother was your inspiration, and it showed.’

Very clear. Not allowed to design clothes that would look nice on an older woman, make her feel comfortable and attractive on a holiday. Only allowed to design for skinny six foot tall models, because they are the only people who need clothes.


  1. OMG I watched that episode and I must admit I wanted to slap the judges that season as they were just so rude and some of the clothes were really nice. :-)

    1. In a later episode, they called something "too commercial". As in - too many people would want to wear it? And that makes it bad because....? I guess they want "exclusive" clothes that only a few special people can wear.