Tuesday, January 22, 2013

400 steps!


After going to the library yesterday, I came home to an email asking me to meet someone at the library the next day (today). So we went a bit early before it got too hot and tackled the stairs leading up to the library from the park. 25 stairs in total with two short landings. I did laps of jogging up the stairs then walking down the long shady ramp; which is totally not race conditions of course, I won't get a break every 25 stairs then. Jasmine sat on the stairs and read (about a mouse running a marathon, ironically enough, as she was the only one not exercising) and Aiden accompanied me part of the time and cheered me on when he needed a rest.

I hadn't really planned how many I would do, but I ended up doing all 400. It was surprisingly easy. I barely noticed the first 100 stairs then my heart rate started to go up, I was sweating after 200 and a bit tired after 300 but really 400 was barely a challenge. It took me 19 minutes in total, and a lot of that was the walking down the ramp.

I need to either run down the ramp to keep my heart rate up or maybe run down the stairs (I'm a bit scared of tripping and falling). And speed up my upwards jog.

Pretty cool that I know I can easily go up 400 stairs though, I am not going to collapse during the race.

For some reason stairs is just something I can do. Many exercises that other people would think easier than 400 stairs would be much harder for me.

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  1. 400 stairs souns like absolute hell to me! Good on you!