Friday, January 11, 2013

New dances


Today we went shopping to spend our Christmas money from my Poppa (maternal grandfather), who gave us $50 each. Thanks, Poppa! I bought Just Dance 4 and spent an hour on it this afternoon. It's fun having a lot of new dances. I was planning to just go through every dance first without worrying about my score, but I got 5 stars on the first few first try (there doesn't seem to be easy/hard settings) so re-tried the ones where I didn't quite make it and the most it took me was three goes. My six year old son joined me for several dances. He mostly got 3 stars which I think is very impressive. I still have plenty more tracks to do.

I only have five or six left on JD3 that I don't have 5 stars on and I definitely want to complete that as well.

I didn't exercise yesterday (PMS) but I am doing very well with drinking enough and eating moderately.

When we were at the shops today we had Mexican for lunch at a place set up like Subway -- you chose between taco, enchilada or whatever, then your meat and other fillings and sauces. Tim & I had been there once and liked it, and did again today (steak quesadillas with hot sauce, yummy) but the kids were not at all impressed with their nachos with weird cold runny cheese with bits of tomato in it and sauce that was green even though it was supposed to be mild tomato (tasted like coriander and lime). They like the way I make it, with cheese Doritos, salsa and melted cheese! When I got home I tried to find my meal in my calorie counter app. It didn't have that specific restaurant so I looked at some others. At one, a beef quesadilla was over 700 calories. That seemed too much to me, it was a fairly small arrangement of a folded tortilla with a little bit of beef & cheese plus onion, capsicum, and fresh tomato salsa. I kept looking, and the next entry suggested over 900 calories! Ouch. Then I found one that suggested around 250 calories. What the? I ended up recording 500 as a wild guesstimate.

We missed last week's SYTYCD (US) while we were away and forgot to tape it, and tonight watched the finale with the top four. My favourite Cole was missing! Damn. Got voted off when I glanced away for a second.

Still very hot in Australia at the moment with nearby Sydney expected to have its second hottest temperature ever tomorrow; 45 degrees C. Bushfires everywhere. I've been editing a book written by firefighters involved in some disastrous local fires ten years ago here, so I now have a better idea of what they are going through. I am totally amazed at people who volunteer to risk their lives like that. Keep safe.

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