Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lots of napping


I did a good hour of JD4 yesterday but this morning I woke up to runny nose and sneezes and headache and, which affected me more, fatigue. I have had a similar thing a few times over the past year or so, very mild other symptoms but debilitating full-body tiredness. I slept in this morning, unusual these days for me, and then spent the whole day lying around on the lounge watching cricket and playing with my iPhone. I didn't even read much, too much effort. All day my body has been telling me "Lie down... lie down and rest..." And we got takeaway for lunch to celebrate/commiserate my husband's last day of holidays so it wasn't a very healthy day all round. At least we are having a cool rainy break between scorchers so resting is quite comfortable. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and get back into my routine quickly.

Ahh, routine. Husband back at work but kids still home for another three weeks so I'm not really sure what that routine will involve. I'll try to take them out somewhere most mornings and they play with the neighbour-over-the-back-fence a lot at either house. I will have plenty of time to exercise.

I haven't been working on my novel, my other NY resolution, but I wrote a short story yesterday so that counts as writing. I try not to be too precious about writing but I do find it difficult to do creative work with the kids interrupting or my husband playing noisy computer games right next to me. I need to find a way around that. Maybe put on headphones!

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