Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hot soup


I don't usually make chicken soup in the middle of summer, but I was poaching some chicken last night (to make vol au vents) and I didn't want to waste all that lovely chicken broth so I added some vegetables and turned it into soup. I took it out of the fridge to heat it up for lunch and noticed a lot of solidified chicken fat sitting on top. Yum! I thought. Can't beat the hearty taste of chicken fat. So I heated it up and had a bowl. And the oily liquid slick of fat on top was horrible! It tasted ... fatty! It's it awesome that I can no longer eat a bowlful of fat! I scooped off as much fat as I could and put the rest of the soup back in fridge, next time I'll skim the fat off.

Burned my tongue on that first mouthful of hot fat, too. Ow.

I started feeling better yesterday afternoon and this time I think I really am recovered from whatever I had, I exercised this morning (JD4) without any problems other that the heat. It is really really hot today and Tim has the car so the kids and I aren't going anywhere! Just back and forth between here and the neighbour-kid's house for them, and here under the air con for me.

I've been feeling at a bit of a loose end these school holidays. The kids have spent so much time with the new neighbour that I haven't needed to entertain them much, but at the same time I can't just go off and do my own thing. I should be writing my novel. Or doing housework. Yeah yeah, don't wanna.

It's so nice to feel well again, and not have every atom of my body telling me to go and lie down. Well actually a nap would still be nice, but only because it is hot and quiet, not because I am sick.

Here's a weird thing. I usually have a very limited (slowly increasing) readership of around 20 but last weekend I wrote very boring post about feeling unwell called "Lots of Napping" that got 80 hits. Why? Does that phrase have an obscene alternate meaning I'm not aware of? Probably people just tracked back from a comment I put on someone else's post, but it was odd. Just that one post.

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