Monday, January 21, 2013

This & that


Whining on about being sick is very boring so I will just briefly mention that I caught my little boy's tummy bug, albeit in a lesser form, so I haven't exercised for a couple of days (again). Not sure yet about today. And I'll move on to another topic.

After touching briefly on a harrowing moment yesterday morning. I had just got out of bed and was holding a retching Aiden over a bucket in the loungeroom where he had been slumped watching TV. Red. Lots of red. And organic looking lumps of pinky red. Oh my God. Until I questioned his big sister who told me he'd just eaten a red plum. Sometimes relief from fear is the most wonderful feeling in the universe.

The day after my first attempt at stair climbing, total of 80 stairs, my thighs were very sore. Cool! Of course I also ran that day which might have contributed, but that tends to work different muscles. I want to do a few more short sessions over the next two weeks, then the kids will be back at school and I can ramp it up.

I was given some ankle weights for Christmas and have done some leg exercises with them. Quite hard work. Just think, if I wore them all day every day, when I finally took them off it would feel like I was flying!

The coming week's weather report says we will have another coolish Saturday so I plan to do my first Parkrun 5K. I'm considering the Parkruns as part of my training, not an end race, so I'll run/walk it and go from there. I'd like to do it regularly as long as it doesn't hurt my shins running on tracks instead of the grass of the oval. We'll see.

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