Sunday, January 27, 2013

Australia Day weekend


We are having a long weekend for Australia Day. The actual day was Saturday, there was supposed to be fireworks but I assume they were cancelled due to an evening storm. We certainly didn't go out in it.

I spent all day yesterday shopping for Jasmine's birthday presents, she turns nine in a couple of days. School holidays means it's hard to get out shopping without her there, so it was very last minute but I knew what I wanted to get. The morning went well but then I spent about three hours running around semi-industrial suburb Fyshwick in the heat looking for a nice student desk. I didn't think my specifications were too onerous; white to match her other furniture and with a bookcase hutch. But each furniture store (I went to nine or ten) had an average of two desks and I think I found a total of four that were even vaguely close to what I wanted. We bought her bedroom suite when we moved her out of the cot when she turned two, and they no longer make that style. I remember at the time wanting to buy the matching desk as well but Tim felt a two-year old wouldn't need it for a while. I guess we were both right.

Anyway it won't be delivered for three weeks so I took a photo which I will put in with the cute pink swivel chair I bought. I'm sure she'll like the other things I chose.

I forgot to/didn't do Parkrun again. Quite an inactive weekend, unless you count walking from shop to shop for more than five hours.

My weight this morning was 79.1 kg. Ironic that I maintained over Christmas and while we were away at the beach, but am gaining now that I'm just sitting at home all day. Maybe not that ironic. There is a clue in that "sitting at home all day".

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