Friday, January 18, 2013

The first few steps

more Saturday:

There are 4 steps leading up to my front door. The Verti-cool challenge has 403 steps. So that is just 101 times up my little flight of stairs, right! It is not the same, Verti-cool is straight up; practicing on my stairs means 4 up, 4 down, 4 up, 4 down. But it is a start. And literally right at my front door.

This afternoon I went up and down 20 times; 80 stairs in total. It took me 3 minutes and is a fifth of the race distance. A good start, I think. I could easily have done more except I am cautious of my ankles which have been hurting a bit for the last few days after one dance session and are a bit delicate after my training run this morning. I am being very careful with them. Better to go slowly and not get injured! I have two months to train. I felt my heart rate go up and my breathing get a bit more laboured after about 15 "laps" (60 stairs). Obviously 403 straight up will be a bit more challenging. I feel like I could do it today, but I'll be able to do it a lot faster after two months training! I plan to add 10 laps a day, and of course I am still looking for a much bigger continuous flight.

I am oddly looking forward to this one. I think I am naturally competitive by nature.

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