Monday, November 11, 2013



I did dancing today for the first time in a couple of weeks. So much more energetic than walking or yoga! I did "Sweat Mode" which means the tracks are continuous with no mucking around while you choose the next song. 30 mins of that and I was ready to collapse. But then I bought an alternative version of Gwen Stefani's "If I was a rich girl" with my earned tokens so I had to try it. It used a chair as a prop! Very burlesque, very tricky. Fun. Then it automatically showed me a clip of myself doing it. Hmm. I looked even less like the dancer than I had imagined. But I don't care, I enjoyed it anyway. I can't let what I look like now stop me from doing things I want to do.

The food side continues to be a problem. After the party I got my husband to hide some leftovers for future D&D sessions and I threw out all but one slice of the cake, which I put aside for my daughter (it was my son's birthday but he doesn't really like cake). I forgot to offer it to her and then remembered it last night ... and ate it. I'd been so good all day, too.


  1. I blame it on the cake, for being so delicious. DAMN CAKE!

  2. Keep the vision for yourself, Natalie. I do well with laying out favorite dress pants that don't look good if I eat too much, as a reminder. At least it was only one piece of cake, and not many, like I would have done in past years. :D

  3. Luckily I had already thrown out the rest of the cake so there was only one piece to eat!