Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nearly half way


Friday is one of my two weekly shopping days and I usually do it first thing in the morning, but after two days with no writing I decided to get that done first. I went to the Arboretum and wrote for an hour. After a few really hot days we had a dramatic cold change last night and the café hadn't yet sorted out their air con - I had to stop writing after an hour because my fingers were nearly frozen!

After each session I log how long I wrote and how many words, and I discovered I am a few words shy of 46,000. That is only two or three writing sessions away from 50,000 which is my unofficial halfway point! That is so exciting! I've written nearly half a novel, by far the most I have ever written on one project. Well, not counting this blog which is likely a lot more than that!

I'm a bit worried that starting uni next year will stall my novel writing. I've got two more months, but almost all of that is school holidays which is very hard to write much in. I really don't want to put this novel aside to study and let it get forgotten, not when I am doing so well. Not sure how I'm going to get around that.

Did the grocery shopping and a little bit of Christmas shopping. Also presents for a baby shower. It is really hard to find gender-neutral stuff! I'm not sure if the prospective parents really don't know the sex or if they are just keeping it to themselves. I eventually went with green & white; a little outfit, a towel and some baby face washers (little soft cloths). I always buy new parents baby face washers, they are so useful for wiping up milk drool as well as for bath use. And once the baby is born, I always try to be the one to buy their very first book!

Christmas is looming. I think I've relaxed a bit because I am not hosting this year - but I still have to buy presents! And people are asking me what I want and I don't know that either! Apart from a big stack of books.

I just took the weight loss ticker off - after only a few weeks. But I've put half a kilo on and it was just too depressing to have it sitting there with no weight lost. I made the connection the other day that recent small weight gain might be connected to my new contraceptive pill. Or it could just be my very erratic diet and exercise regime. Not sure.

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