Thursday, November 21, 2013

This is why I always wear shoes

more Thursday:

It's been a hot day. We just had a very brief storm that made it more humid rather than cooler. I thought, stuff it I'll take off my socks and enclosed shoes for once. Walked through kitchen. Eew, a bit sticky. And gritty. Ok, ignore that, will sweep later. Sit in rolly desk chair and tuck chair under desk. Wack heel with foot of rolly chair. Skin removed. Go back to bedroom and put shoes and socks back on.

For some reason this made me think of the first time I went for a promotion in my public service job in my 20s. I had an interview in another building, and afterwards got stuck in the stairwell on my way out. None of the doors opened from inside the stairwell without a passcode. I had to knock and get them to let me out.

I didn't get the promotion.

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  1. Ow! Those foot injuries hurt, but they heal pretty fast. :D