Sunday, November 17, 2013

Staying away from the party food


I managed to avoid two kid's birthday parties today, and all the junk food that entails! My husband took the kids to the first one and hung around because it was a low-supervision party in a park, then straight from there he dropped the invited child to the other party and came home, and I went and got him later. Parties are a dangerous place for me so I was glad to skip them. I had a healthy lunch at home. And in addition, I got an hour and a half of very productive writing done when everyone else was out.

I don't expect to have lost any weight this week, though. I was sick enough to not exercise for three days, lazy enough not to exercise a couple of other days, but only sick enough to be off my feed for one day.

My mum has been feeling unwell for at least a couple of months now and she finally just found out she has a kidney infection. She's a bit annoyed because she's been to the doctor lots of times and they failed to diagnose it before. I know doctors can't be perfect but she feels they should have picked it up earlier and that it's time to find a new doctor. She's in bed with antibiotics now and taking some time off instead of trying to drag herself into work every day. She's 72!

Why does the weekend always go so fast? Sunday night already.

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  1. Your poor mom! Kidney infections are no fun! Hope she recovers quickly.

    You did well, re the parties! Some day hopefully you'll be strong enough to survive attending. ;)