Friday, November 22, 2013

Dozing in front of the cricket


Felt exhausted and a bit unwell all yesterday, even drove the two blocks to school to pick up the kids. And got take-away for dinner. Today still fatigued plus sore throat. I seem to have been sick an awful lot over these past six months or so, I guess it shows a pattern of general ill-health. Oh well, at least there is cricket!

One of the joys of summer is to doze in front of the TV with the cricket on. For those who don't know, a test match of cricket takes five whole days to play so there is plenty of time to nod off and not miss much. They also have one-day matches (very controversial when they started) and now even 20-20 matches (20 overs each team, only takes a couple of hours). Excellent for the long hot days.

I'm trying to enjoy a quiet weekend with the family and not let the unwellness get me down, we just spent a couple of hours playing D&D. Nice until my throat got too sore to continue talking.

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