Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weight ticker


Well there are still many mysteries of the blog settings that elude my understanding (how do you have separate pages for favourite topics instead of just your daily blog entries?) but at least I managed to put a weight loss ticker on at the top to motivate me. Starting weight/current weight is still 82kg. I want to lose 22kg and get down to 60. Frankly I would be delighted with 70. But either way, one kilogram at a time.

Apparently 22kg is 48.4 pounds, which sounds even worse. But I suppose at least you can say "I lost a whole pound!" instead of "I lost less than half a kilo!"

When my weight went up, my online calorie tracker decided to allow me 1750 calories a day instead of the old 1340 I had when I was about 78kg. That seems like a big jump. I'm aiming for around 1500.

I failed dismally at the drinking more water and exercising every day this week. Nevertheless, I am adding eating more fruit and veges to the list.

I tried yoga again today. I did the "lying on my back" bit and half the "hands and knees" bit then skipped ahead to the "standing up" bit. Then I just got really bored. Still didn't manage to finish the whole class. Maybe it seemed so dull because I accidentally left the TV on in the lounge-room and I could hear the news. Sounded so much more interesting than what I was doing. Maybe I should stick to the 8 minute version for a while, I enjoyed that one.

Pouring rain and freezing cold today, after we had a few summer-like days last week. Crazy weather has been all over the place. It never seems to be safe to wash and pack away my jumpers, or be time to stop making casseroles and roasts. I'm glad my daughter is just as unwilling as I am to go out in the icy rain this evening to her dance class. Staying at home in the warm and dry.

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