Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chase the Stars


We spent all day Saturday preparing for that night's cocktail party to celebrate Tim's birthday. Lots of house-cleaning. By the time the party started we were both already exhausted! But then the party got going and it was great. So much fun. Cocktails and Singstar (karaoke) and dance games. A room full of friends. Well worth all the work.

The last people left at around 1:30 which is pretty late for me these days! I lay in bed for a long time unable to sleep due to the pain in my feet, so tired from standing all day and evening (and dancing). Also my RSI flared up a bit, especially in my right hand, maybe from squeezing lemons and limes? Anyway, I had a terrible night sleep and was almost glad to get up in the morning and start the task of tidying up the kitchen, and then I went out for a walk before anyone else (other than the kids) was up.

This weekend was the first instalment of Chase the Stars - sorry I'm too tired to work out how to do a link - 10 weekends over the year when people around the world are doing 5k walk/jog/runs, organised by Kyra. I walked around the neighbourhood but only ended up doing 3.5k in 50 minutes - pretty slow! I was just exhausted and my feet were starting to hurt again. Maybe I should have had breakfast first as well. So I didn't complete the 5k but I think I did quite well considering.

I got back home to a clean house, my husband had done the second half, and had breakfast with family who had stayed the night then I pretty much collapsed for the rest of the day. I know you are thinking I drank too much Saturday night! But actually I only had three cocktails over more than five hours. I was just overworked and underslept. I had a short nap and sat around the rest of the day staring into space. It was worth it though, we had a great time at the party.

One bad thing did happen. When I was getting dressed for the party, I found that what I wanted to wear didn't fit me any more! A bit distressing. I can't start expanding out of my "fat clothes"! Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Edit: I wasn't sure whether to award myself the medal or not. I didn't go the whole 5k. But in the end I decided to give myself one, the littlest version. I did get out there and walk 3.5k despite being unfit and tired and with various aching bits. I participated, even if I didn't finish! This is my start, and there are nine to go to improve in.


  1. Natalie be proud of that 3.5 K in 50 minutes!!! I know its hard when we see others who are faster than us, to beat ourselves up. BUT, own it!! and strive to do a bit more next time!!! Proud of you!!

  2. Way to go Natalie! I applaude your spirits for doing it ! SO proud of you :)

    BTW I am following your blog site, please can you do the same on my blog?