Sunday, March 30, 2014

I love you this much


Yesterday the kids were getting their raincoats on to go for a walk in the rain and tromp through puddles. My daughter came into the kitchen and I saw a big cockroach climbing up her raincoat (which had been hanging in the laundry, unworn, for many months) towards her face.

I am nearly as scared of cockroaches as I am of spiders. All our bugs (and arachnids, of course) are very large here, and they are creepy even when not venomous. And cockroaches have wings too, even though they do seem to prefer to scuttle than fly.

I like to think I would have done exactly the same thing even if it was a big hairy venomous spider. With only half a second hesitation, I stepped forward, brushed it sharply off with the side of my hand (took two tries) and stomped on it. Was left a bit trembly with my heart racing, but proud of my bravery.

That is how much I love my little girl.

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