Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy first birthday little niece!


I've had three days of unstructured eating and no exercise, which I assume will show on the scale tomorrow. Up until Thursday I had been good but the scale was a bit up on last Monday anyway. Then Thursday night I came down with a minor 24 hour tummy bug thing and mostly stayed in bed or slumped in front of the TV on Friday. I got my appetite back in the evening and made up for not eating much all day.

Then we went to Sydney on the weekend for my niece's first birthday party and then to see my mum. This involved some things I didn't have much control over, like the food I was served, and a lot of things I did have control over, like what I actually ate. No one actually forced that cake down my throat. Or any of the other stuff I shouldn't have eaten.

So I'll get on the scale tomorrow morning and take the result on the chin then start the new week with some exercise then shopping for healthy food.

It was lovely to see everyone on a very family-oriented weekend. My mum is still doing really well, although she's having a bit more pain since they gave her an injection to help strengthen her bones. It made me think of that scene in Harry Potter where all the bones in his arm get magicked away and he has to drink a bottle of disgusting Skel-e-grow (or something like that) to regrow them. A most unpleasant process.

I am super tired;on top of my usual tiredness these days I also spent last night on the rock-hard bed of doom at my sister-in-law's house which didn't help. (Her Chinese parents chose it, good for the back apparently.) So although it is only 9.10pm it might be time for bed.

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