Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Preparing for a party


When I am having a good day, like today, I get a bit embarrassed about what I write when I am having a bad day. But I think it would be counterproductive to go on about some kind of shame spiral where feeling better makes me feel bad, so I'll just say thanks for the messages of support!

I am feeling a bit better because - I assume - I've had a couple of nights of decent sleep. I am rather confused about how poor a judge I am of how good my sleep was. Last night in particular I would have assessed my sleep as being terrible, tossing and turning all night with lots of awake time. Yet I am not so tired today. Other nights I've thought I slept ok I've been much tireder the next day. So I'm obviously no judge.

Back when I saw that doctor at the university, she had three suggestions. Firstly that I have the sleep study, which I hope to get the results for very soon. Second to have a blood test for thyroid function, which I have had done and they should have been sent to the doctor by now but I am waiting for the sleep study so I only have to go to the doctor once to discuss results. And thirdly she suggested I get a nasal spray just in case something in my sinuses is contributing. I finally got the nasal spray on Tuesday. As I said, I felt like I had poor sleep that night and terrible sleep last night. Yet I am not as tired as I have been so maybe it is helping after all. But why do I feel like I am lying awake all night? And last night I got up five times to go to the toilet! Five times! Nothing to do with my bladder, it's just since I was lying awake anyway any little need to go was hard to ignore.

It is my husband Tim's birthday tomorrow! He has got the day off but the kids we be at school so we get to spend a day together. And then on Saturday night we are having a cocktail party, and some of his family are coming which means houseguests all weekend. I've been spending quite a lot of time this week planning (which I really enjoy) and shopping (not quite so much). Because we are nerds - ie people who aren't embarrassed to have childish fun - there will quite likely be Singstar and Just Dance games. Even before we get into the cocktails! Yay for a party weekend!

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  1. I get up too, if I'm awake - but that's because I know how awful it is to wake up and need to go so badly you can hardly walk. I think I'm bladder traumatized. So, I'm with ya! :)