Friday, March 7, 2014

Nose tubes and finger clip


So I got myself all wired up last night. Electrodes and nose tubes and things on my feet and all the wires designed "one size fits all" meaning I had metres of extra coils to fit under my jammies. Got into bed very carefully. Actually the things you'd think would be the worst, weren't. I got used to the nose tubes very quickly. But I was aware of the things merely taped to the tops of my feet, every time I moved. And the constant firm pressure on my finger from the thing on there. And I didn't much like the box with all the wires plugged into it, which was strapped to my chest.

I wasn't aware of being very restless during the night, I didn't even have to get up to pee. Apart from a wakeful period around 5am, I would have said I slept better than usual if I went by my memory of the night. But this morning I am feeling very tired and also headachy (only about the third time during this experience that I've had a sleep-deprivation headache) so I'm guessing I didn't sleep very deeply. I was probably carefully lying still to not disturb the equipment, and just drifting on the surface of sleep. Anyway, it will be around two weeks before I get the results.

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