Monday, March 31, 2014



I finally have my appointment tomorrow to get my sleep study results. I doubt they have called me in for a 1 hour appointment to say "you don't have sleep apnoea", but you never know. I shouldn't self-diagnose.


I first went to my GP maybe four years ago, to say I was tired all the time and was that normal? My children were sleeping through the night, my shoulder pain was reduced enough that it wasn't keeping me awake, I wasn't under stress. She sent me for a blood test and said apart from slightly low Vitamin D (for which I went on tablets) there wasn't anything wrong with me. She didn't pursue it any further. I figured I was just tired because I was overweight and didn't exercise much.

Things escalated a few months ago when the tiredness got much worse and I could no longer cope. So I did some internet research and looked for a solution more aggressively. I happened to see a different doctor which may have made a difference too, she was keen to explore a few different options.

If it turns out I have sleep apnoea, then I may have had it for years and it's just got worse. Maybe I didn't need to be tired every day for the past few years. That would make me kind of angry. If I can get up the energy.

Oh well, we'll see.

Not doing so well on the healthy eating front. Too tired to cook dinner tonight and ordered pizza. At least I went for a walk this morning, but I somehow think it didn't make up for all those extra calories.

I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams, everyone.

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  1. I think a ton of people have sleep apnea or other disorders (she might want to talk to you about another disorder too, that's a possibility). I know I am flat out exhausted, and my doctor is trying to figure things out for me too. I have an appointment next week. :) I hope you get some solutions!