Saturday, October 25, 2014

A small surprise weight loss


I lost 0.5 kg this week which is wonderful considering my diet and exercise efforts were very erratic. I was expecting a maintain, so a loss was a lovely surprise.

I've decided to go back to weighing daily (when I remember). It seems to work better for me. I give too much power to weigh-ins when they are less frequent. As you may have seen I can get very upset about an unexpected gain! If I weigh every day, I allow for fluctuations and don't get upset about them, while using the general trend to keep track of my true weight. Sundays will be my "official" weigh in day.

I will also be more diligent about tracking my food. Again.

I had a somewhat better sleep last night, although I still only managed to keep my CPAP on for around four hours. I can see it is going to be a real problem in hot weather. Sweaty. A folded tissue between me and the plastic helped a bit but kept working its way out.

Yesterday we decided to go to a cafĂ© for lunch. We sat outside next the lake and shared a pizza. I was already not feeling very chipper before we went out, but I kept feeling worse and worse, and by the end I was sneezing and constantly blowing my nose, and when we got home I collapsed into bed and slept for half the afternoon. There is less Capeweed around, I'm hoping it is getting to the end of its flowering season, but there was still plenty around the car park where we were. Yesterday made me reconsider the effectiveness of my antihistamines. The first one I tried (Loratadine, trade name Claratyne) made me very groggy and woosy; the next one (Cetirizine hydrochloride, trade name Zyrtec) didn't seem to have any side effects (unless it has affected my sleep) so I thought it was better. But have either of them actually helped my hay fever, or is it just that I haven't ventured outside for weeks? Because the first time I go out and sit in the "fresh air", I get all the symptoms back again. Maybe they are doing nothing at all for me. I had one more to try, Desloratadine (trade name Aerius). When I was folding clothes that had come in from outside I started to get itchy eyes and nose etc so I went and took one and the symptoms did subside fairly quickly. So maybe the pills are doing something as long as my exposure to pollens is minimal. I'll just stay inside for a few more weeks. It is such a shame missing spring though. I don't know why it has hit me so hard this year. Possibly general run-down-ness has made me vulnerable.

Excellent food compliance today. All nutritious stuff. And I've felt much healthier today than I have all week. Which is cause and which is effect? Each is positive feedback for the other; eating well makes me feel healthier which makes it easier to eat well...

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