Wednesday, October 1, 2014



This morning we walked up to the local hardware store, which has a big plant nursery section. About 2.6 km there and back. A week or two ago Tim and the kids dug some manure into the vegetable patch and weeded most of the herb bed, so the garden was ready for some new things. We bought tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, snow peas and chives.

My hay fever has been fine while walking around Floriade, obviously most flowers don't affect me, but unfortunately the walk today put me next to lots and lots of Capeweed. It's in the nature strip beside every footpath. I should have taken a photo. By the time I got home I had a headache and my brain was all foggy, and my eyes were itchy and weeping. Instead of the other things I had planned for the day I huddled inside. I'll buy some kind of medication tomorrow, for the next time I dare go outside around here. It really took hold of my whole head.

In the afternoon my lovely son came in and told me he'd dug the few bits of Capeweed out of our back lawn for me. Isn't that sweet! So I dared go out and we planted the vegetables in the empty bed with its sole two-metre stalk of asparagus starting to unfurl.

We couldn't plant the chives because the herb bed (twin in size and shape to the vegetable bed) was like a slab of concrete. And my metal trowel was missing, we were using kids' plastic ones. I'll have to get Tim to dig the bed up a bit and add some manure before we plant anything else in there. It has already got rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage - the only things that survived the frosts of winter. We had some vegetables growing in there alongside the herbs last year but I think I'll add lots more herbs instead. I use them so much.

We got slightly damp watering everything in with our elderly hose and its cracked fittings, not a problem on such a nice day. But it was getting shady and mosquito-y so time to come in. I'm glad I got at least one thing done today.

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