Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Foiled by allergies


Yesterday I didn't have the car and I'm still a bit scared to go outside around my own neighbourhood (hay fever) so we stayed home. Aiden spends a lot of time jumping on the trampoline. Jasmine and I spent several sessions going through her clothes and sorting out which were too small for the coming summer and needed to be given to charity, and what she needed to replace them. We also went through some of the junk on the floor of Jasmine's wardrobe. My goodness. Nothing had been there long enough to evolve into sentient life yet, but it was close. Mainly clothes, toys and books. Used tissues. Broken junk. A towel. Dust. Loose sheets of paper. Pens. Knitting needles. We've got the clothes in the wash and everything else in seven (unsorted) boxes now. Plenty more work for another day.

Today the kids chose a movie as the activity. We saw "The House of Magic" which was suitable for younger children but still enjoyable for mine. Interesting that the villains in both movies we've seen recently were foiled by their own allergy to something! I can relate to that at the moment. The allergy bit, not the being a villain.

Nutrition is a science, eating is a behaviour. Read that today. One of those phrases that drips with significance.


  1. Can you take something to set you free of allergy house arrest?

  2. I am taking anti-histamines and they are definitely helping but I'm not quite sure about risking running around in pollen. My husband said he could see it floating around in the air when he was riding home last night.