Saturday, October 11, 2014

More of the same


I haven't been posting every day only because I don't have anything interesting to post about! Still fighting seasonal allergies. I'm taking antihistamines which help but make my brain woozy. I struggle to find the word I want sometimes and I've made some silly mistakes when cooking. I worry a bit about driving, luckily I don't have to do much of that. The pills are supposed to be non-drowsy and they don't make me sleepy but I'm sure they're affecting my brain. It's hard to concentrate. I'm going to try a different type to see if that helps, apparently there are three main different formulations available.

Yesterday I took Jasmine clothes shopping, today Tim took the kids to their swimming lesson in the morning and I drove Jas to a playdate in the afternoon. It was in a new area on the outskirts of Canberra, new enough that it wasn't on my GPS or my old paper street directory! I drove around in circles a bit. Found it eventually. Then came home and had to lie down for a while to rest my brain.

I'm not exercising and I need to get started on that. Hay fever isn't that big of a deal. But every day I plan to do some exercise and every day I sit around in a fog instead.

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  1. I also suffer from bad seasonal allergies and hate taking antihistamines. They make me goofy and cranky. So I get a prescription nasal spray called Patanase and it's great. Not sure what's available where you are, but you might ask your doctor if you could try something like that.