Sunday, October 12, 2014



This morning my lovely husband went up to the local chemist (twice, it wasn't open yet the first time) and got me a different kind of antihistamine and the difference is amazing. My head is clear instead of all foggy and weird. I don't know if the other one just didn't work as well or if it had side effects, but so far this one is great. I still have a certain amount of burning in my eyes and a sore throat, but I can think normally and I can imagine doing more than just "getting through the day" for the first time in few weeks.

So I've signed up for three months at the gym. I got a special online deal for my preferred gym, considerably cheaper than if I had paid there. It said it takes 24 hours to email me the voucher so I'm not sure if it will be ready for tomorrow morning or not. I hope so. There is a group class every morning at 9:30 which is a good time for me, straight after getting the kids off to school, but I will also sometimes use the equipment instead. I am quite looking forward to getting on a cross-trainer/elliptical again. Then there is dear old BodyPump and Zumba. And I might even get the courage to try BodyBalance. Me, yoga? I used to be reasonably flexible. I also used to be moderately fit and 25 kg lighter. Those were the days. But I've tried yoga once and it was so hard! Much harder than cardio or weights. All the more proof I need it, I guess.

Today we had planned to visit a friend who had a baby (her third) three weeks ago and somehow we hadn't made it out to see her yet. But she called to say she was lunching quite near us and would we rather they came to our place instead? Absolutely! So that was lovely. I got to hold little Matilda nearly the whole time they were here. You forget how tiny new babies are. And how light!

And them coming here also meant we did a frantic house clean, which is never fun during but at least gets you a tidy house.
Then my daughter had a friend from her dance class over to play. Her mother came quite late to pick her up (I was waiting to put dinner on the table!) and I think for the last hour or so the girls were quite bored with each other and wanting it to be over. They asked to watch TV so I let them. Normally I rule that if you have people over to play, then you play, but they had already had two hours of trying hard to find things to do.
In the evening Tim brought in a couple of baskets-full of clothes from out on the line and we all folded and sorted together. And by the end I felt like I'd had a bucket of pollen dumped on my head. Itchy eyes, itchy nose, headache. It came in with the clothes! I'll definitely be avoiding going outside and using the dryer for clothes for the time being. But apart from that, I have felt so much better today.

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