Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back from China

We just spent two weeks in China. Lots of food, but also touristy walking. Spent the last couple of days there (and then the plane trip home) toilet-bound with a tummy bug, then after being home a couple of days got a nasty head cold. So I've been home a week and felt wretched the whole time. No exercise, no diet plan. My weight is down a little but I blame that on diarrhoea.

I was thinking about joining weight watchers, I read a blogger who has had great success with that, but there are no meetings at a convenient time for me at the moment, and the group support is what I would be going for. So I just don't know.

As soon as I am well enough (tomorrow for a gentle start maybe) I will return to the gym. Jasmine gave me a heart-rate monitor for my birthday last Saturday, I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I asked for it because I wanted some external judge of how hard I was exercising. I often worry about this. Like the guy who was "working out" 3-4 hours per day after being sent home on Biggest Loser but couldn't do 5 minutes with Michelle in the gym. I guess walking very slowly doesn't count as an effective work-out.

I have managed to set myself up for big work pressure this month, yet again I forgot about looming school holidays when I set myself a deadline. Somehow I have to find time to edit a novel that needs a lot of work while looking after two small children and exercising regularly... looks like some evening work coming up. And I have been slow getting started on it due to being sick. Arg!

I don't pretend my life is harder that anyone else's. I just like to have a bit of a whinge.

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