Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rest Day


I am so glad for a day off exercise today. I was pretty exhausted after Saturday's efforts and completely wiped after Sunday's class. I am definitely not yet ready for six days a week -- let alone seven! I don't know if I will ever be ready for seven. I still have two more weeks of "warm up" before I go really hard, and I am on schedule. Eight gym sessions in 15 days is pretty damn good, and they are getting more intense.

I did better with the food yesterday, I did eat a little after dinner but only before 8 pm. Today I had lazy nachos for lunch (corn chips with salsa and lots of cheese -- no meat) which wasn't so healthy.

We went for a drive yesterday afternoon, looking for snow. There wasn't any near us (Corin Forest is only 45 mins away, they had snow there 2 weeks ago but not yesterday) but we walked around a bit, up and down a steep hill. My legs actually felt better for the stretching, they were worse when I sat still for a long time.

I had a headache all yesterday from when I got home from the gym, and still had it this morning but it seems to have gone now. It felt like a sinus headache -- my husband has the sniffles and I hope I don't catch a cold from him.

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