Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Picking up the pace

I went to the gym again this morning, putting both children in the creche. It was my third 'every second day' which is great. I weighed myself and was a bit disappointed that I was back up to 79.9 kg, but I know that it will fluctuate and of course I am still in my warming-up weeks so I am not exercising hard yet - or dieting at all. And it's not all about the scales. Still, Thursday is my binge evening so it is bad that my weight was up BEFORE the stuffing-myself that will occur tonight.

I did 30 mins on the treadmill then 30 on the recumbant bike. I thought I had set up my heart-rate monitor, but after 10 mins I found that it was showing my heart rate but not actually recording my exercise. Bummer. Oh, well, I'll call that my warm up. I have stats for the following 50 mins.

Average heart rate 112, peak at 129. I had 9% in zone 0, 89% in zone 1 and 2% in zone 2. Exactly the sort of figures I am going for at the moment. 169 calories. Probably 200 when you add the first 10 mins.

I kept an eye on the monitor when I swapped machines. This was not an instantaneous process - I had to wipe down the handles of the treadmill, grab a tissue from the lunch room to blow my nose, pick a magazine that I hadn't already read, and get myself settled on the bike. At least a couple of minutes. My heart-rate slowly dropped from about 113 to about 107 and I started cycling fast to keep my rate in zone 1. My pace dropped a couple of times on the bike but when I noticed my heart-rate falling I sped up again. It is really keeping me working. I am definitely working harder than I did without it.

When I got home I looked at the group class timetable and worked out a more detailed exercise plan for the next few weeks. It will probably change as I go along, but I felt very purposeful writing it all out.

In essence; week 1 (nearly over) is 4 x 60 min sessions of treadmill/bike. I wasn't feeling quite ready for classes yet, and I had the kids at home.

Weeks 2-4, with the kids at school but me very busy with work, I plan 4 x 60 min sessions of group classes; 2 Zumba, 1 BodyStep and 1 Step/Attack. All aerobic.

Weeks 5-8 are blocked out for me to focus on exercise. Weeks 5 & 6 I have 7 x 60 min group classes (every day), adding in 2 BodyPump classes and another BodyStep. I have to start using my shoulder some time. Maybe some walking as well. Weeks 7 & 8 ramp it up even more, with 2 things a day. More Zumba, a Chi Ball class (which I haven't tried) and walks of 30-60 mins.

Weeks 9-12 I return to working life and go back to one 60 min class per day. After that is school holidays again. I think 12 weeks is enough to be planning ahead. The weather will be suitable for me to start riding my bike by then.

One thing I'm not sure about is whether to have a day off. If I do, I think it will be Saturday. We already have some other activities on that day. It's probably a good idea to have a rest day. I'll see how I feel when I get to week 5. One reason I haven't scheduled in an official rest day is that I feel it's likely I'll end up with a few unofficial rest days for whatever reason. My week starts on Sunday, so I guess if I get to Saturday without having had a day off, that will be it.

I still haven't thought about my diet/food/nutrition. I am focusing on getting my body moving.

And my goals? To have a fitter, healthier, more active, more comfortable body. And thinner. In 12 weeks I would love to lose 10 kg and get down to 70.

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