Saturday, July 23, 2011



I'd had thoughts of going for a walk in the morning but it was 0 degrees C (freezing) and foggy so I didn't.

We went to a three-year-old's birthday party at lunchtime, it was a BBQ in a park. By then it was 2 degrees C (nearly freezing) with a light drizzle of rain. Lovely. I had one sausage sandwich, a few chips, a tiny muffin, one lolly snake. Quite restrained, really. Stood around in the cold and chatted to other parents standing around in the cold, all of us trying to cheer our freezing children. There was play equipment, but little playing was done. We were one of the first families to arrive, and the first to leave.

A repeat client asked me to do a couple of hours work for them this afternoon, and despite being very busy already (and it being Sunday) I said yes. It will be easy work compared to the other manuscripts I am toiling over, and it is good to keep repeat customers happy. So that will be my afternoon. Then roast beef tonight. Mmmm, hot and tasty. Still waiting for my toes to thaw.

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