Monday, July 25, 2011



I did a zumba class this morning. It was fun and quite sweaty. It makes me feel quite sexy, too, as long as I am not looking into the mirror.

My stats were 1 hour 3 mins, 41% in zone 0, 42% in zone 1, 17% in zone 2. 172 calories. Average heart rate 111, peak HR 141. I must have been very close to zone 3 at times.

I am not really happy with how long I was in zone 0. The start of the warm up would have contributed, and pauses between some tracks were quite long; but the main cause would have been the last few tracks. We did 2 slow toning tracks with weights (I didn't actually use weights due to my shoulder) and then the cool-down track. I am excited about being in zone 2 for 10 minutes.

Zumba is billed as a dance class, not an exercise class. I really enjoyed it, which is important. I will be doing a variety of classes, and get my peak energy expenditure from Step classes.

The class was in the upstairs gym and I couldn't find scales there so I didn't get to weigh myself today.

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