Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good and bad


Tonight is the usual D&D evening and I bought a bag of potato chips to contribute. But I ate them. After working for an hour this morning, I ate half the bag. And two chocolate biscuits. Later, after going to the gym and doing a Step class, I ate some chicken for lunch, then the other half. And some chocolate. There are now about ten chips sitting sadly at the bottom of the bag.

I have to stop telling myself that I can't resist chips. Or chocolate. I can, and I will.

I couldn't weigh myself today because I didn't have time before the class. My stats were: 49 mins (I didn't stay for the stretches, I was feeling all tired and yuck - no wonder after all that junk); 13% in zone 0, 70% in zone 1; 17% in zone 2. I am happy with those percentages. 166 calories. Average HR 117, peak HR 131. Would be good - except in balance with the hundreds of extra empty calories I have already eaten today, before the actual supper tonight.

In A Game of Thrones (or the second book, I think), a pirate becomes a hero. They cut all the fingers off one of his hands and make him a knight. They don't weigh the bad against the good and come up with some kind of average - the bad and good are separate things to be dealt with on their own merits.

I woke up today feeling very tired and sluggish and my diet certainly hasn't improved things. I feel yuck and headachy. Need a nap.

I need to concentrate on the good. I went to the gym today, the sixth time in a week and a half. I am on schedule with my exercise. I am in control of my own life, my own actions, and what I put in my mouth. I can do this.

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