Thursday, July 7, 2011


Apparently this is post 100 for this blog. Cool.

Well, I went to bed 2 days ago full of good intentions for the morrow, then woke at 3.30am and spent the next 18 hours on the toilet. I feel much better today, after a good sleep last night, but am still only getting about 10 seconds notice that I have finished the digestion process...

So, still not able to exercise.

I did, just before I went to bed the night I got sick, play with my new heart rate monitor and worked out how to turn it on etc. I also looked up heart rates on the internet and worked out that 90-107 is my fat burning zone, 107-125 is my comfort zone (whatever that is), 125-143 is my aerobic zone, 143-161 is the threshold, and 161 is my no-go zone. So the numbers I want to remember, for the moment are 90 (starting to do some good) and 125 (working hard). I don't want to go over 143.

I got these numbers from putting my age into a calculator - it took no account of my current fitness level. I think my heart rate monitor (which asked for a bit more information when I was setting it up) might have its own zones but I'm not sure what they are. Obviously I haven't got to exercise with it yet, but I did jump up and down for 18 seconds to check it was working and it seems to give information at the end of the workout that includes percentage of time spent in various zones. I look forward to using it.

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