Friday, July 29, 2011

Working to exhaustion


I went to the gym after lunch and worked maybe the hardest I ever have in a gym class - certainly in the top five. It was Step, which is always high intensity. In the last couple of aerobic tracks I was so exhausted I was nearly in tears and slowed right down, but then thought: bugger it, I can do this, and just pushed myself harder. After that we lay on mats to do some ab work and I could barely move, the ceiling was spinning. I didn't do much of that track, some of the leg moves but mostly just lay there, and when I noticed my heart rate had dropped under 100 I turned it off. I got up for the stretch track.

My stats were: 50 mins recorded; 8% in zone 0, 18% in zone 1, 63% in zone 2, and 11% in zone 3. How amazing is that! So much higher than anything else so far. 63% in zone 2!! And 11% up in zone 3! I am so proud of that.

217 calories, average HR 128, peak HR 152. Pretty awesome.

All this, mind you, was on a step with no extra risers and never doing full-on jumping - always taking the "easier" option. I am not starting from a point of fitness. I think I worked as hard as anyone in the room. Harder.

I am still feeling exhausted. Tim has taken the kids out for a while and I need to get some work done, but I really want to just lie down and sleep. I am kind of dreading doing it again tomorrow morning. But I know I can.

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