Saturday, July 23, 2011



I wasn't sure if I was well enough to exercise today, I decided not to go to the Saturday Step class and delayed a morning walk to see if I felt any better later. I felt much the same in the afternoon - ok but not great - but was determined to go for a walk anyway. But then my husband decided to take the kids to the pool, which is the same building as my gym, so I ended up going there after all.

I nearly brained a personal trainer who was inexplicably crouched behind the door to the room with the scales in it, then weighed myself at 80.0 kg. Blah. Too much binge!

I got on the treadmill but it was really hard going. I struggled to get my heart rate up, and my legs started to ache. I gave up after 15 mins and switched to the bike, where at least I got to sit down. I battled on for 22 mins on the bike before my stomach was feeling so bad I stopped. I had no energy. Obviously wasn't ready to go back to exercise yet. I am still proud of myself for trying. One of my problems in the past has been to take the easy 'no' if I'm not sure I'm ready. But this time I gave it a go.

My stats were: 39 mins (that includes switching machines); 79% in zone 0; 21% in zone 1; 91 calories; average HR 101; peak HR 114.

I will just go for a walk tomorrow, devote myself to work on Monday, and do my first gym group class on Tuesday.

I started tracking calories today. allows me 1340, plus more for exercise (although it grants me a lot more calories burned than my monitor does, I need to take that into account. Today my monitor says I burned 91 cal, CalorieKing says 228 for the same time and distance! Way more than double!). I will try to keep within that.

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