Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ankles and yoghurt


The aftermath of the run yesterday morning was that my left hip and ankle ached a bit for the rest of the day (no muscle soreness at all) and then my ankle was worse today. It's the one I twisted months ago, and it's been a bit delicate since. I toyed with the idea of cancelling tomorrow's run but decided that backing out on the second time is really setting a bad precedent for myself. I'll go, and if my ankle is really sore I'll just walk the whole time. It might also be raining. Even if it's not actually raining at the time, the grass will be sopping wet again as it's been raining all today. Oh well, I managed to get my sneakers dry in a very slow oven.

I feel like everything else I can think of to say is very whiney: oh low-carb makes me tired, oh it's too humid with all this rain in summer, oh why do I have to get up early tomorrow. Boring.

The weight loss has picked up, I have lost nearly 2 kg in five days. But half of that was last night after a bit of a stomach upset, and probably doesn't count. Still, it's been a steady downward direction since that hiccup on day two. I think 2 kg in the first week would be awesome, and then I would be happy with 1 kg a week after that.

I haven't got through a 100% diet-compliant day yet. Red meat and chocolate, mainly. But I've stayed away from the carbs and I think that is the main element of this plan. Tonight we had a lovely chicken casserole with potato and some crusty bread to mop up the juices and I only had the chicken and non-potato vegetables. And a salad. So strong!

I seem to have found a yoghurt I almost like. Generally I think yoghurt is cold and slimy and unpleasant, and the fruity ones way too sweet and the low-sugar ones way too fake-sweet but the natural ones too tangy -- like milk that has gone off. Which maybe it is. But I occasionally eat it to be virtuous and this diet demands either yogurt or a variety of things even more revolting (like some kind of fermented sour milk thing I've never heard of) for pro-biotics. So I tried a few different brands and I've found I almost like the Roaming Cow natural yoghurt (neither low-fat nor Greek-style, just natural) with chopped up fruit mixed in. Real fruit provides just enough flavour and sweetness. Passionfruit, raspberries and strawberries are all good.

I am also drinking yakult every day, that little bottle of stuff that tastes like melted ice cream. Now that, I like. I've hidden it from the kids or I wouldn't get any.

I'd better get me to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow! My goal for the session, assuming my ankle allows, is to do better than yesterday. Ie, run the whole of more than two of the eight intervals. And not complain so much to Joe about having to get up early. At least it is light by the time I get out the door.

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