Monday, February 25, 2013

Re-starting C25K training


I usually get up at 7.30 but this morning I set the alarm on my iPhone to 6.45 and put it beside my bed (I usually leave it charging in the kitchen all night). I woke in the dark and checked the time: 4.30. Back to sleep. Woke in the dark and checked the time: 5.45. Still an hour to go. Couldn't get back to sleep. Why can't I just trust that the alarm will wake me! I always do this.

Finally got out of bed in the dawn gloom and got into my running gear, ate a nectarine and drank some water. Joe was at the door before I was really ready but I grabbed my stuff (iPhone, earbuds, tissue). We walked briskly to the oval -- as usual it was a real effort for me to keep up with someone else's brisk walk, not only is everyone else fitter than me but they are also considerably taller. I am only 5' tall (152 cm) and leg length makes a difference! But I pushed hard and kept up.

Once there I did C25K training, starting again from day 1 week 1. Eight 60 second intervals with 90 second recovery walks in between. I stayed in the running lanes. Joe was jogging around the outside of the oval continuously for the 20 mins at about 12 kph. The lanes are just marked on the grass, which is usually a lovely surface to run on but after days of rain it was utterly sopping wet. My shoes and socks were sodden before I started the first interval, which was a bit cold and uncomfortable.

I managed the whole 60 seconds on the first two intervals but after than only got to about 30 seconds before dropping to a walk. I am determined to get better, and I will, but I am just not a natural runner. I really struggle to get any kind of rhythm and it feels uncomfortable in a way that is different from just muscle tiredness. I haven't done many of these running training sessions, but this was possibly the worst so far. The low-carb diet may be contributing to that. Whether that is the case or not, I'll just keep trying and I'm sure I'll improve in time. We are going to do two mornings a week.

With walking there and back and the intervals and a bit of stretching it was 45 mins of exercise.

Joe has an interesting way of setting his goals for races -- he aims to complete the race in less than double the winner's time. The winner of any race is generally a pretty elite athlete, so this isn't as easy as it may sound. Some people can do a 5k in about 13 minutes!

The first female in the Verti-cool challenge last year did it in 3:26, which gives me a time of 6:52 to aim for. That seems achievable.

The first female in my age group in the Canberra Times fun run last year did it in 23:48, which gives me a time of 47:36 to beat. I certainly hope to do that, it's only about 5 mins less than my current best. But the first female overall did it in 17:23 and I don't think I can do 34:46. Whatever, I'll do my best! Looking up those times again just then I discovered another fun run in September to aim towards.

Whatever my results are, it is all good exercise.

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