Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Running all eight intervals


Woo hoo! I ran all eight intervals this morning. Pretty good improvement from only two a couple of days ago.

I had another very restless night, both from knowing I had to get up early and from having to get up to pee a lot. Got up before the alarm and dressed but Joe was here while I was still pouring a glass of water -- no time for breakfast! I think he was early, he said he had been up for an hour.

It had rained during the night but only the lightest of sprinkles as we set out. I strapped up my ankle and it felt ok during the run. Sopping wet grass again but I just put up with it and avoided complaining about everything. I actually felt much better overall than I had on Tuesday.

Joe had been telling me for a while that if I couldn't go the distance, just jog slower until I could. I felt I was already jogging very slowly, but today I really tried. I felt like I was practially jogging on the spot. I worked on relaxing my body and keeping my head up. My goal was to do five of the eight intervals, I thought I might reduce 3, 5 & 7 if I needed to. But I got through the first four, then six, and I only had two more to go! The last two hurt but I did it. Once you factor in my slow recovery walks in between, I probably could have averaged a faster pace walking briskly, but I'm working on endurance at this stage not speed. So I am pretty happy with that.

My ankle is a bit worse, which is a worry. I have it strapped and will rest it.

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