Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 4/17: Compliance


I struggled a bit with complying to the rules of this diet for the first few days as I was trying to work around the fact that I had already planned and shopped for meals. Although I stayed away from all starchy carbs, I did have lots of red meat and some take-away rotisserie chicken.

I did the shopping this morning and should be able to follow the rules more closely. Tonight we had san choy bau, made with turkey mince instead of pork. I couldn't tell the difference. Lots of vegetables and wrapped in lettuce leaves. I chopped everything beforehand then did the run back and forth to the kids' activities then cooked quickly when I got home.

I did 45 mins of Dance this morning and got 5 stars on three more dances, only 11 to go. Getting up tomorrow to do my C25K training with Joe.

I'm not sure how I'm going with the fairly low-carb nature of this diet. I've been feeling a bit down, not sure if it's related. When I tried a really low-carb diet I was miserable and irritable, but this isn't so extreme -- I have two fruits a day and most vegetables. I haven't noticed any cravings except I would really like a bit of sugar in my tea! But overall my spirit is a little low. I'll continue to give it a go, but if I think it is affecting me adversely I will jump to Cycle 2 of the diet which allows some carbs (and red meat) every second day.

I don't think I am exercising with full energy either, but it's only for two more weeks so I am not worried about performance. I'll be having carbs by race day.

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