Thursday, February 28, 2013

WIWT 77.7kg and swapping to Cycle Two


This morning, after a week of the 17 Day Diet (followed imperfectly, I admit, but a pretty good effort) I was 77.7 kg, down 1.2 kg. A decent loss. I was down to 77.0 kg a couple of days ago but that was after a tummy bug so I'm not surprised it went up again.

I've stuck to Cycle One, the first 17 days of the plan, for a week; but the whole time I've been wondering if it was worth it. Losing weight is a good and important thing and I'm willing to go through a certain amount of unpleasantness for it. And "they" say it takes a while to get used to low carb. But I've felt so tired and a bit sad and like I'm living in a fog. I've had little interest in anything. I was halfway through the last book of a trilogy I was really enjoying, but set that aside as too much mental effort and turned to children's books like Alice in Wonderland -- I often do this when I'm sick. I go back to bed during the day. I watch morning TV. This isn't living!

I've decided to move on early to Cycle Two, which allows some carbs (and red meat) every second day. In fact I'm going to have limited carbs every day. I realise this can no longer be called the 17 Day Diet. I'm now on Natalie's 7 Day Diet. It is loosely based on the 17 Day Diet, but designed for my body. And I'm adding back "forbidden" fruit like bananas! And green grapes. How come I'll allowed red grapes but not green?

It will still be low-processed and moderate-carb.

I need more energy to exercise. And to just think normally. I had carbs at lunch time and it made me feel so happy.

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