Friday, March 1, 2013



There may be more than one thing going on here, for instance it has been really cold for three days which also affects hunger. But yesterday I went back on carbs for the first time in a week. And this morning I woke up utterly ravenous.

Usually I struggle to eat breakfast at all and will be full with a piece of fruit. But this morning I wanted warm oats. Unfortunately after FOUR supermarkets yesterday I called the company and found they don't make my favourite anymore and the one I tried wasn't nice at all. So I had two pieces of toast. Then some grapes. Then chocolate. For breakfast. And was still hungry.

After a short break I had some more carbs and a cup of tea. With sugar.

Not sure how to deal with this.

Low carb was making me tired and unhappy. Eating carbs again (quinoa last night for goodness sake) is making me binge. Will these feelings of insatiable hunger pass and let me get back to normal?

Or maybe it is nothing to do with the carbs. This is the second day of autumn and it's suddenly freezing, feels more like winter, so maybe I'm just trying to lay down some fat deposits for warmth. It's still a few days to TTOM so it shouldn't be that.


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