Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not walking away from running. Yet.


Had a pretty horrible sleepless night. Tim's was even worse. I got woken the first time when he came to bed rather later than me. Then we were woken twice by the kids calling (Tim got up) then he started coughing and sneezing. All the rest of the night. I might have been able to sleep through some of it except I was on a very light trigger as I had to wake early to go running. So every sound was WAKE UP! Oh, not yet. Must have woken at least 10 or 12 times.

But the morning weather was lovely and the grass, although a bit damp (dew? night-time automatic watering?) had been mown so my shoes only got wet, not soaked. The Week 1 Day 3 training run got off to a good start. I pushed through the first five intervals. Then my ankle started to hurt so I dropped back to a walk for the remainder of the time. Slowing down as soon as it started hurting seems to have helped as it has only been mildly sore today, much better than last week. I've decided not to run again this week, I'll leave it until next Tuesday. I might go an see a physio to get some ankle exercises.

I don't enjoy running. (And I hate getting up early.) But I am determined to do at least one 5K before I give up on it.

Tim stayed home from work, feeling awful. By mid-afternoon my throat started to hurt and now I have a headache and get dizzy every time I stand up. Some fun times to look forward to, then. Oh well, as long as I am better by the weekend to go to my cousin's wedding.

So tired.

Only two and a half weeks until the Verti-cool challenge! Gotta do some more training for that.

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