Saturday, March 30, 2013

Royal Easter Show


We drove to Sydney on Thursday after school/work (McDonald's on the way, yuck) and stayed at my mum's house. She greeted us at the door by pointing to a sticker on her shirt that read "I have laryngitis"! She'd come down sick since I last spoke to her. We stayed anyway because we weren't planning to be much trouble.

In the morning we went to the Royal Easter Show and ended up being there for ten hours, which was tiring but fun. It included rides (a kid-sized roller coaster and a little plane that you could make go up and down as it went round); then seeing various animals and feeding the baby ones (I loved the fawn best); fairy floss for the children; the flower arrangement, pumpkin and bonzai exhibition; trick horse-riding, motorcar driving, and motorbike jumps; woodchopping (the World Treefelling final); flyball (a dog sport involving a tennis ball and hurdles); a jazz band; and lots of free food tasting. Got the tired little kidlets back to mum's house in time for bed.

The only problem really with staying at my mum's is that Tim & I have to share a narrow hard fold-down futon couch. It is so uncomfortable! And I'm always worried about rolling off when I turn over. Two nights in a row of not enough sleep.

Then today we went to my sister-in-law's house to see the new baby -- we'd seen her still in hospital but now she was two weeks old. So cute. Jasmine was very excited to hold her. I got to talk to the new mum about lots of baby stuff.

I refused to go to McD again on the long drive home so we went to a proper restaurant before we left Sydney. Much better choice.

Tonight the Easter Bunny will visit and leave numerous little gifts of chocolate all over the house. Excellent.

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