Thursday, March 14, 2013

I have a niece!


Little Emma was born at 7.26 this morning, so I am now an auntie! Can't wait to see her on the weekend (it's a long drive). I have no other details yet, just a text from the daddy. We'll talk to him tonight, I don't want to bother him now as they were probably up all night. They already said they don't want visitors in the first 24 hours which I think is perfectly reasonable. I remember when I had my first baby, she was born at midnight after more than 50 hours of unofficial and official labour and then I was trying to rest with people going in and out of my room all day. Midwives, cleaners, visitors, doctors. Phone calls from friends. Hospital is really not a good place to get rest, but I had to stay for a few days due to the difficult birth. I remember one woman came in and I really had no idea what she wanted from me, I eventually told her to talk to my husband later as I was just sleep-deprived and clueless, which she didn't seem happy with as she wanted some kind of response right away. I worked out later from the brochure she left that she was a professional photographer wanting to know if I wanted expensive newborn baby photos!

My most embarrassing moment was a couple of days after the birth when I was using an electric breast-pump to express some milk, basically I was hooked up to a milking machine. Then my husband's cousin, who I had met about twice, came in for a visit. He is a shy young man and didn't know which way to look and I hardly knew what to do either. I think I just tried to "act normally" and pretend I didn't have a noisy machine sucking away at my exposed breast.

I'm not having any more children, two is enough (and I am 42 now), so I am really excited about getting some baby cuddles from my new niece.

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