Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I can be a zombie if I want so shut up


I have both PMS and the flu so I'm not feeling at my best. Eating junk and zombie-ing around the house.

I have a trip away this weekend including my cousin's wedding plus road-trip fast food so I'll be honest, I'm just putting the diet on hiatus for a few more days. And if you think that is a really bad idea, please just keep it to yourself unless you want a smack in the face.

I've told my friend Joe I'm not going to run with him any more. I'll still be doing training for my 5K (when I get over this flu) but I refuse to get up at early to do it. I hate getting up early. I work very flexible hours from home so I can exercise whenever I damn well like. And if it is raining I'll damn well exercise inside in front of the Kinect instead of slogging through sodden long grass.

I think I'd better go back to bed now.

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